Hello, I'm Jacques. I do

Product Design, FED & Brand Management

I'm a product designer specializing in UX, UI, front-end development, brand identity, and multimedia design. With my skills and expertise, I create visually appealing designs that align with the needs of my clients. My portfolio showcases a variety of projects that highlight my ability to bring innovation and creativity to my work.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio, and I hope you enjoy browsing through it.

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Areas of expertise

Product Design

User-focused interfaces and experiences for products that are visually appealing, immediately useful, supportive, and competent.

Front End Development

HTML, CSS, and jQuery utilized to design the FED for adaptable arrangements, and generate personalized code utilizing flexbox.

Multimedia Design

Experience in Brand Engineering, Graphic Design, creating artwork for social media profiles, and developing Motion Graphics.

Clients Served



2023 / UDEMY Master Digital Product Design, Animation using CSS, JS and HTML5, UX Methods & Fundamentals, Design Thinking, Design Products People Love
2020 / UDEMY Figma Designers Essentials
2019 / UDEMY Sketch App Designer, UX Design Theory & UX Fundamentals
2003 / Hatfield BC Computer Programming
2001 / GAMMA Training HTML, Javascript & Multimedia Design
1999 / Parktown College Graphic Design Diploma
1997 - 1998 / Wits Tech Introduction to Graphic Design


2021 - Present / NUTUN UX, UI & Front End Developer for web based fintech systems
2019 - 2021 / ZappGroupUX, UI & Front End Designer for app interfaces
2016 - 2019 / CHROME SA Multimedia Designer, CX & Front End Development
2010 - 2016 / Contract WorkFront End Development, Website & Graphic Design
2007 - 2010 / KTG Front End Development & Website Designer
2003 - 2007 / Intoweb Design Website Designer & Macromedia Trainer
2003 / October Solutions Graphic & Website Designer


Full Names
Jacques Gouws
Pretoria East, South Africa
Yes, I have a son

Current Position Held

At present, I am the head of UX, UI, CX, and FED in the Data Science department, where we have created and oversee several fintech web-based products.
Our portfolio includes a digital debt collection system that is available for white-labeling and is designed to meet the needs of international clients, particularly those in the telecommunications and energy industries who require digital debt collection solutions.
I absolutely love it!

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